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About Us  

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Connecting Physical Educators Across Wyoming

The WYO PETe Collaborative is an interconnected network of physical educators and friends of physical education in Wyoming. WyoPETe offers on-going, evidence based professional development to physical educators, who are considered to be essential collaborators in this process. Involvement in WyoPETe ensures teachers have opportunities to both learn and grow professionally, as well as connect with colleagues and supporters across the state.


WYO PETe serves Wyoming physical educators with low or no cost options to receive high quality professional development specific to their interests, needs, and unique teaching situations. The founder, Dr. Ben D. Kern's  vision is to offer a variety of professional learning opportunities such as curricular and instructional strategies in elementary, middle, and high schools and have something for everyone.

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WYO PETe Mission Statement

 To enhance the knowledge, technical skills, and professional dispositions of Wyoming physical educators by (a) providing on-going evidence based professional development, (b) connecting teachers in order to promote professional collaboration, and (c) engaging teachers in research for the purpose of advocacy and disciplinary stewardship.

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Past Events

Fall 2020

Strategies for Delivering Quality PE in the Covid-19 Era Professional Learning Series.

3-part series of workshops designed to help teachers implement strategies for remote delivery of instruction per Covid-19 restrictions


Fall 2021

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in Physical Education Professional Learning Series.

3-part series of workshops designed to help teachers implement strategies to help develop their students' self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.

Spring 2022

Standards-based Assessment in Physical Education Professional Learning Series.

3-part series of workshops designed to design and use of standards-based assessments as well as assessment data management and use.

Fall 2022

Curriculum Revision Visioning and Standards-based PE Best Practices.

Targeted work with Laramie County School District #1 around a district-wide initiative to review and revise curriculum and align practices.

Professional Development

WYO PETe provides on-going professional development opportunities such as workshops, webinars, teaching resources, and grant support to Wyoming physical education teachers. These opportunities are never a “one & done” rather they allow for repeated reconnection through available online resources and optional on-site support.

Highlights from the 2021 SEL in PE Professional Learning Series


WyoPETe offers resources for educators to advance their teaching strategies. Talk about these resources and share your own in the Collaborate Forum. 

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WYO PETe Collaborative Logo #PNG





WYO PETe offers opportunities for physical educators to get involved in research that can help the physical education field grow, as well as help secure future financial support for WYO PETe professional development. Teachers can be participants in research studies as well as help conduct research in their own schools to help raise awareness for value of the physical education field.

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Want to get involved in research?

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