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Hello!! My name is Michelle Clark! :)

I was born and raised in Cheyenne, WY. Graduated high school in 2011 from Cheyenne East High School.

In 2016, I received my Bachelor's of Science degree in Physical Education from the PETE program at the University of Wyoming.

After graduating, I decided to start the PETE Master's program at UW, and studied under the wonderful Dr. Jayne Jenkins for two years! In those two years, I was able to present research at AIESEP, SHAPE, and at the K&H division conference. I also taught various undergraduate PETE courses, including a movement core class. Then in 2018, I graduated with my Master's of Science degree in Physical Education, and completed my Health Education endorsement.

2018-2019, I got my first teaching job at Bennett High School in Bennett, Colorado. Bennett was a small rural town east of Denver with about 2,000 residents. There I was the sole high school PE/Health teacher for grades 9-12th. The whole high school totaled to 364 students!! Classes I had to create curriculum for and teach included: Physical Education, Health Education, Conditioning, Cardio, and Leisure Sports. Also while at BHS, I was an assistant high school track & field coach, specifically worked with sprinters, relays, and hurdlers.

For my 2nd year of teaching in 2019-2020, I got a job at South High School in Cheyenne, WY. Each semester, I taught three PE III (freshmen) and three Health III (freshmen) classes. Units taught in PE III were soccer, volleyball, team handball, striking/fielding games, swimming, roller skating and bowling. Health III units included mental/emotional health, stress management, suicide prevention, nutrition, and personal safety. Right before COVID, our school district decided to do some shifting of PE teachers around the schools, which led to me having to lose my position at South. :(

Luckily, I was able to land an elementary teaching position for my 3rd year teaching! I was so happy to get this position because elementary PE is my passion! Currently, I teach 13 sections at Anderson Elementary in Cheyenne, WY (my home school), and I travel to Jessup Elementary for 7 sections. At Anderson, I teach grades K-4; at Jessup, I teach kindergarten, 2nd grade, 5th and 6th. Between both schools, I teach about 400 elementary students. In addition to teaching, I was a JV volleyball coach for South High School. And, hopefully soon I can get the opportunity to be hired as a high school softball coach at one of the high schools in town!

I love physical education, movement, skills, and sports! I love meeting, talking to, and collaborating with other PhysEd teachers! I would love to chat with any and all of you! :)

Michelle Clark

Michelle Clark

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